What to do When in an Accident

What to do When in an AccidentIf you have been in an accident, Martins Collision Repair can help serve your car repair needs. You will also want to stay calm and use the following steps:

Be sure to have an emergency kit in your car.

For safety reasons, a driver should always have a pen and paper to take notes, a cell phone, and a card with any medical information regarding conditions or allergies in the vehicle. It is also a good idea to keep a list of law enforcement agencies, a reusable camera, cones or flares, and a flashlight in the car as well.

Safety is always first.

Any people involved in a minor accident that have not been seriously injured should make sure they are standing safely away from oncoming traffic. If vehicles are left in the middle of the street that can potentially create more injuries or accidents. If a driver, passenger or car cannot be moved, then everyone should remain seated with their seat belt fastened and wait for help to arrive. If possible, you can turn on your hazard lights and place flares or cones around the accident site.

Exchange information with all parties involved.

After an accident, it is important that you exchange this information: name, phone number, address, insurance company and policy number, license plate number, and driver license number. If the name of the insured is different than the driver’s name, be sure to write down what each person’s relationship is and get their information as well. Additionally, write down a description of every vehicle including the color, make and model. Also, be sure to write down every detail of the accident.

Take pictures and fully document the accident.

Take pictures of all vehicle damage to fully document the incident. Be sure to take pictures that help show the full context of what happened in the accident so that your case is understandable to a claims adjuster. If any witnesses were present, do your best to get their information because they can help support your version of the incident if there is any dispute.

You will need to file a car accident report.

Because law enforcement officers typically respond to accidents with injuries, you should make be sure to file a state car accident report. This can be done at a police station or found on a Department of Motor Vehicles website in a file you can download. Police reports can help expedite how insurance companies handle your claim.

Understand what your insurance covers.

Be sure to check your policies specific details before you have an accident so that you are prepared for any costs you may need to cover on your own.


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