High Performance LED Bulbs for Your Car

194 ledIt doesn’t need to be explained how dangerous the streets are, with inexperienced drivers flinging themselves here to there with abandon. And for some, it doesn’t need to be explained how one’s car can be a statement, the car’s accessories adding punctuation. So the significance is twofold why the driver needs the lights. So whether you’re replacing a blown out bulb or upgrading your car’s lights to better illuminate the night, it’s incredibly important to choose wisely.

Between safety and disaster, your ride’s lights hold the line and for the highest performance, the choice is always LED. With their smaller size, lower energy consumption, faster switching, longer lifetimes, and improved physical durability, LEDs outmatch an incandescent light source in the automotive department. And, of course, if brightness is the watchword then LEDs are the only answer.

Obviously, car lights – though performing the same essential function – can have many uses. The type of bulb you will want to get will depend on that use. It can be anything from fog lights to turn signals, from brake lights to parking markers. With its ability to fulfill all those needs, V-LEDS has become one of the biggest brands in LED lighting. Its selection is as top of the line as the cutting edge technology it employs in its bulbs. For instance, in the venue of parking markers – mounted in the front end of the vehicle – V-LEDS offers its 194 LED bulb. In both red and 5K white, the new 360 six LED bulb is their brightest bulb ever made.

Their brake lights are equally cutting edge. At the very top end, V-LEDS has released the V3 Triton LED System. The V3 Triton is the indeed the next generation of LED lighting advancement. Due to the three Philips Rebel 3W light-emitting diodes employed and the breakthrough design, the V3 Triton pair give the vehicle not only the safety but the look of an exotic car at the very high end. Showing a maximum yield of 210 lm of dynamic red phosphorescence, the Triton is unrivaled by any other LED system. The V3 Triton is standard size, as all V-LEDS bulbs are, so it can be applied to any brake light system it is replacing.

By any estimation, V-LEDS stocks its inventory of products with the best there is to offer on the market. It is for that reason, along with the easy shopping experience, that V-LEDS has fostered its name brand.


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