Finding a New Bike

Finding a New BikeMany people know exactly what they want in a bike. Exactly. They’ve been dreaming of owning a motorcycle since they first heard that distinctive roar of the engine for the first time. Nothing has a roar like a Triumph Lynchburg. (Look up the Triumph Street Triple R beautiful bike!)

“What is that?”

“It’s a motorcycle son.”

And they are sold.

Motorcycles have long been the symbol for the American highway, freedom, and throwing caution to the wind.

When we think of motorcycles, we think of someone with a unique world view.

Is that you?

There are a few things to consider when you are finally able to purchase your first bike.

The first thing you should do is get your motorcycle license. This can take some time. Most states require that you have a motorcycle learner’s permit for 30 days prior to ever getting a motorcycle license. In most states this will require that you take a rider class that will let you know the basics of the law and what to expect when riding. After you complete the course, you’ll get your learners permit.

Then, comes the fun part. Practice on the motorcycle! This where you might want to find a friend who will allow you to ride their motorcycle. You could also purchase one at this point.

You will have to go back to the DMV and do a vision screening, test and road test, in most states. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be on your way to becoming a rider.

Once you have completed the license requirements, it is time to get financing for your motorcycle. It is much the same as any other type of loan so it shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate the process of getting the money together.

Next, do some research about what kinds of bike you’d like to have. Learn about how they work and what they’re used for.

Now comes the fun part. Now you get to go and purchase your first bike.

When you go to purchase your bike, don’t let the dealer tell you what you want. You know your personality. You know how much money you have. You know what you’re going to use the bike for.

Is this something you’re going to be riding nearly every day?

Are you purchasing the bike to go on long trips?

Do you want one that is sleek, fast and maneuverable or something that is more along the lines of a cruiser?

All of these questions can be answered only by you. So don’t go to the dealership and just get into anything the salesman want to sell you. Get what you want. This is something you’ve dreamt about and thought about.

While you’re out there looking. Think about a Triumph Lynchburg. Such a beautiful bike!


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